Where Tony's Hanover House of Pizza closed its doors, a new storefront has taken its place.
  M&S Hanover House of Pizza is under the new ownership of Mike and Sylvia Webb, hence the   name M&S.

  This family-run restaurant, which opened July 26, 2016 has a "standard pizza shop menu. 

  Sylvia, who has worked in the pizza business for nine years, decided it was time to open up her     own shop.

  Sylvia believes quality pizza is all about the sauce and the cheese. "Some make it sour, some make it sweet; mine's a little of both," Sylvia said,   describing her homemade sauce. "It's sweet, but it also has that spice to it of an Italian sauce."

And nothing but the best cheese for M&S. Unlike the other pizza shops around who use mixture of cheese, Sylvia only use the Grande Cheese.
Grande is a more expensive cheese, but the taste is worth it and "YOU" the customers are worth it according to Sylvia.

Sylvia's favorite thing on the menu isn't the pizza — it's the Stromboli.  "Try that. That rocks," she said as she pointed on the menu to the House Stromboli with mustard.  Sylvia is also excited for something she calls the "Pretzelboli".  "It's a Stromboli, but instead of the dough, it's gonna be a pretzel."

And if it works out? Next will be the Pretzel Pizza, she said.

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